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Foldershare Customer Service

After the question about “what happend to Foldershare” got answered (Microsoft bought it), the Mac version is back online, the only thing left, that left me wondering, was the question what was going to happen to the US$ 100 I spent just a week before the acquisition on the Foldershare professional service.

Now that also has been answered:

You will be receiving a refund for your subscription at a pro-rated amount. Changes will go into effect early November; FolderShare subscribers will be refunded the pro-rated subscription fee in the week of Nov 7th.

Well done, thank you Microsoft / Foldershare. You earned back quite some goodwill with me again.

And Foldershare just works. Recently I set up a folder between my wife’s PC and our Mac Mini at home so that she can work on her documents at both ends. When she saved her work, she probably saved it to somewhere other than the synchronization folder. When she was at the office, she couldn’t find the document and called me panic stricken. Luckily, Foldershare allows access to any file anywhere on any of the participating computers. So after guiding her through the web interface, she was able to search for her file using Spotlight full-text search, find it and download it to her PC in the office.


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