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Configuring X and Domino Server on Debian Sarge XEN

More in my tale of the xen-server.

My goal is to run Lotus Domino on this box, and the last installment saw the server coming up, waiting to be configured. Well, it turns out, that IBM presumes that you have X installed on your servers, because it wants to setup the server using a Java frontend.

So, the first task is to setup X on the virtualized Host. Giving your Xen instances a working X setup takes care of that nicely. I found Chicken of the VNC to be a really nice VNC client for the Mac. Then I had some problems getting the Notes server to start, but (in turn) that’s what helped me:

So this is what I get, after a lot of fiddling:

Open problems:

  • Can’t use X11 on my Mac to connect to the X client on my Xen Server. Getting all kinds of error messages, that frankly, I don’t grok (and it works with VNC, so there)
  • Xen doesn’t use the Swap partition I made for the Notes server. It can’t find /dev/hda2…

But at least, the Domino server is up and running…

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