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The week in review

Ever since the experiments with the Xen virtual server (which run beautifully, thanks for asking) lot’s has happend:

  • It’s been - oh - almost 20 years since I sat in tests for 2 times 3 hours straight. That’s what I did last friday, as part of my education to become an “Organisator”. The tests went well (the proof will be the results that I get next month) and I’m happy to have that behind me.
  • I’ve been to Opera with my wife. “La Traviata” is a rather simple story, but beautiful music and a wonderful performance at the Opernhaus Zurich.
  • What is the best way to migrate away from a Lotus Notes application, when you need to keep some 5500 old data items? No, not importing everything into Remedy. Not building a “read-only” Ruby On Rails application. Keep the Notes Server, keep the data, let the users keep the “old way” of accessing data. Seems like a no brainer, but needed a pre-study with cost/benefit analysis.
  • Organizing a new training class next week for a new customer. Im going to do a 3 days introduction to Ruby and Ruby on Rails class for 6 programmers. Unfortunately, Rails 1.1 was released today, so I need to update my documentation. The forgotten features of Rails 1.1 is a list of the small but important changes that also will help you
  • I booked both flight and conference today: Reboot 8.0 I’m coming. (And I’m looking forward to that immensely). Henriette can I crash you? Reboot7 last year seemed to me to be a turning point in my life. I am sure, that Reboot8 will have a similar impact on the way I look at life.

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