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if not today...

Yesterday I visited my friend Florian. He had a shaved head and a slightly swollen face. His eyes were closed during most of my visit. He was neither asleep nor quite awake. Probably due to the multiple drugs he was taking at that time. But he recognized me and held my hand firmly, pressing it rhythmically.

He had a brain tumor removed a couple of days earlier. Actually, his second brain tumor. He just turned 30 and his wife gave birth to their second child only a few weeks ago. We weren’t sure if he would make it, he was in coma until the day before I visited him.

I talked to my wife after the experience and told her that this experience made me rethink my priorities. Today I read If Not On The Day I Die, Then Not Today triggered by a post by Kathy Sierra.

It’s time to not only thinking about changing priorities, it’s time to actually change them.

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