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Back on Track

The good news first:

  • I’m back from a week of vacation in Copenhagen where I had a chance to visit my 87 year old grandmother (who is in great shape), meet Henriette and her lovely family, show Copenhagen to my family. We were stopped in our travels by a lunch-box-mistaken-for-a-bomb on a train station, by a piece of left luggage on the airport and the going missing of a train-driver. All in all a really nice week
  • My back’s back in shape - I have started the regularly scheduled fitness training again
  • There’s a lot of work waiting to be done - both for clients and I have one or two ideas of my own. I’ll probably only be able to manage the clients projects though - too bad
  • We have two new members in our house: Lucy and Kitty are sibling cats, just 12 weeks old and oh-so-cute. I have allergies against cat’s, but have been taking Schwarzkummelol / Albaracka Oil capsules for the last 3 months and I hardly feel any reaction to the cats (we’ve had the mother of the two cats as a frequent guest the last few weeks. Here’s hoping that this really helps against the allergies. Oh - and be warned - there might be cat content on this blog in the future.
  • Florian is doing much better and has been transfered to a rehabilitation clinic

Bad news:

  • The bad weather in Denmark killed my Lumix LX-1. I’ll have to see if a repair is affordable at a reasonable price or if it’s time for a new camera

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