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(Not) productive

Yesterday was one of these days where nothing seemed to happen. Actually a lot happened. I visited my friend Florian in hospital. After a brief stint in a recovery clinic he’s now back in hospital where he’s head was drained of excessive water. He slept while I was there, and I don’t think he realised that I was in the room, even though he briefly looked at me. Humans are so fragile.

We don’t know if or how he’s going to survive this ordeal. When I talked to Volker about this a couple of days ago and that I’m changing my priorities in life, he mentioned a “death meditation”: What would you do if you only had one year left to live? One month? One week? One day? One hour?

For the past days I’ve been struggling with the first question. Yesterday, after having visited Florian I know my answer to the first question. I’d write a book.

Other than having this thought, yesterday I only put album covers to parts of my iTunes collection.


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