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Actually, it has been done since Tuesday night at 03:00 in the morning and I’m still recovering…

I wrote, indexed, checked and - most importantly - handed in 22 Word documents, 101 pictures (believe it or not, in BMP format, 20 drawings (EPS). I heard from my editor, that it’s in typesetting right now and will run to around 600 pages in print.

Wheew - glad I didn’t know that when I started writing this book.

I haven’t quite fathomed, that it is over. I have been on and off on this book project for the last 15 months, with a grueling intense last few weeks (I wrote about 20% of the content in this period). Plus proof reading, indexing, deciding what to cut…

I will get the ‘ready to print’ pdf on the weekend, and all going well, the book is at the printers next week. That means, it should be ready in the beginning of May.

So what’s covered? I didn’t want to write an introductory book (another one), and I couldn’t go into every nook and cranny of the Rails framework. Instead I focused on things that are dear to me: actually writing an application, using best practices like TDD and BDD with UserStories. Several chapters are walkthroughs, writing a story, implementing it step-by-step. Also I’m opinionated, so I cover the extensions that I found valuable in my workings with Rails: HAML, REST, RSpec, jQuery, VersionControl (with Git) etc.

There’s a lot left out, maybe a few of the chapters that are partially written and sit on my disc are surfacing on the website of the book (link forthcoming, when I’m more happy with the state of it). This website will contain the successor to my ‘short Rails reference’, the thing, that kicked off this whole project.

I’d be honored and happy if you’d buy the book. By using this link, I will get a cut of the price from Amazon (which means, that my hourly rate for work on the book will go up significantly - not that writing a book will make you rich in any way). Thank you for your kind consideration…

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