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On Halloween Friday was the Somesso conference on social media in Rüschlikon. After last weeks Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, this was a fresh and new conference put on by Arjen Strijker.

There were quite a few bloggers covering the confernce, the usual slew of pictures taken and of course a lot of chatter on twitter.

I was invited by Arjen to do a short pitch on Headshift. As others have noticed:

Es waren einige Agenturen darunter und einige davon waren bereits über 5 Jahre alt. Ob man sich dann noch als Startup bezeichnen darfn?


phogenkamp, Blogging Tom and

when did Headshift become a startup? I love you guys, but you’ve been around too long to be called that, imho.


You guys are of course absolutely right, and I take the blame for that: The thing I promptly forgot to mention in my micro-presentation (I blame nervousness), is that we just have started the Headshift Switzerland project. While Headshift itself is about 5 years old, Headshift Switzerland just started as the result of a discussion between Lee and myself at this years Lift08 in Geneva. After several long discussions with Lee and Livio we reached agreement on how this could work out. So: Headshift Switzerland is the startup, Headshift the mothership. Sorry for giving a false impression. As for ’not a technology startup… Well, there were some interesting boxes in the Lab at Headshift Towers. Just not quite ready to be talked about :)

The other bloggers have done a good job at recapping the conference, Arijen did a great job with the conference itself, and I met a lot of really interesting people and took some new ideas - one will hopefully materialise in a blog post soon.

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