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The PDF is available for purchase!

It took a long time, but the publisher of my book and my company finally agreed on a method of selling the PDF of my Rails book not only on CD (and only to people in germany) but - as it should be - as a downloadable version.

I have setup a small shop at https://rails-praxis.myshopify.com/ with a standard Shopify template and using Fetch.app to handle the digital downloads.

This is a temporay solution until the publisher can handle digital downloads (which means, that it will be in place for quite some time I guess)…

So with that: if you enjoyed the book, go out and buy the PDF and show my publisher, that indeed, there is a market for digital, non-DRM, PDFs and that readers are willing to pay for the advantages of digital.

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician