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InVisible Rails Sprint, Day 2

Not much news today. Most of the day was spent on client work. I had the fun task of calming down everyones nerves - there are still two deadlines to meet this week, before we can fully embark on building the Twitter app that I need for my day to day work.

I thought about features and design while on the train today and had tons of ideas. I think I have pared them down enough to actually being able to deliver something on friday. This turns out to be a really difficult task, there is so much that we “could” do (and things that would make the app really shine). I have decided on the bare minimum of features (with an eye towards extending them)

I told a few people about the name and the functionality - so far the reactions were good.

Tomorrow we will unveil the name of our app and set up the infrastructure, so that coding can begin with minimal fuzz on friday.

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