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Speaking at RailsWayCon in Berlin

Only a few more days, and the Rails World will converge on Berlin for RailsWayCon, an alternative conference to the cancelled RailsConf Europe.

I will be teaching a workshop on BDD on monday, 25.5 - including working with Cucumber.

See the complete Schedule. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of good presentations and meeting old and new friends. The lineup of speakers is impressive: Ola Bini, Steven Bristol, Neal Ford, Michael (Koz) Koziarski, Yehuda Katz, Jan Krutisch, Mathias Meyer, Maik Schmidt, Stefan Tilkov, Jonathan Weiss, Heiko Webers and others.

There still are tickets available, be sure to check out the discounts for students and freelancers over at the registration page

Jens-Christian Fischer

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