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Materials for BDD workshop

The BDD Workshop I held at RailsWayCon in Berlin went quite well. I bombarded the 30 or so people with a lot of new and unfamiliar technology - not all of which is RSpec or Cucumber related.

Using a Twitter App as an example, we cucumbered, speced, stubbed and mocked around for a whole day and in the end, we had a simple but working Twitter application running. On the side, we talked about the Pomodori method, HAML, used the great RubyMine IDE (I might end up using it for all my Rails development). There were a lot of things I couldn’t get into, maybe next time.

The reactions I got from the attendees was mostly good, a few questioned the complexity of the setup… I will think about that for future workshops, but I don’t want to do yet another Blog application sample. We’ll see…

If you are interested in following along, then you can find both the materials and the the application, as well as other links on our BDD project page.

Other people have written up their experiences, read Sören, Benjamin and railslove. I had a great time, met a lot of really great people and learnt a lot teaching the workshop. The conference itself was great too - exceptionally good presentations - I’m looking forward to next year.

Jens-Christian Fischer

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