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links for 2010-09-26

Lunch over IP: Reboot8: How to be a Renaissance man, and help Google eat itself

Notes on the famous Ben Hammersley Reboot 8 talk about Renaissance man

(tags: reboot8 renaissance)

You’re cuking it right

Hints & tipps on using Cucumber

(tags: testing cucumber howto)

A few git tips you didn’t know about

Advanced git tips

(tags: tips git)


More screencasts

(tags: vim video)

An Introduction to Vim Macros - video tutorials for introduction, python, vim, screencasts, blog, tutorials, installing, install, select, features

Screencasts on using VIM

(tags: vim video)

Vim Cookbook

Lots of good tips on VIM

(tags: vim)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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