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89 - Touch Down

3 intense days (and 2 intense weeks leading up to) of Lift13 are over. I didn’t have a chance to see much of the conference unfortunately, so I can’t say if it has been as good as previous ones - from my limited experience, I’d question that - but maybe some of my friends like @Stephtara who has been live bloging these conferences forever can answer for me.

I have been busy with my colleagues and partners in crime  JF Groff, Alex Lampis and Alvaro Fussen to demonstrate how Mobino works, talk to merchants, customers and partners and get a feeling for how our system is received “in the wild” (although it was a very friendly “wild” setting). After our share of problems before the conference, things ran smoothly during the conference, our servers behaved, the apps worked, people got it, the merchants got it (and loved it). Very, very satisfying to see (as I already said in an earlier blog post)

We signed up over 200 new users (around a fifth of the Lift participants) and drew 10 12 lucky winners that each received a 100 swiss francs credit on their Mobino account.

Now I’m back home, after a relaxing train ride, playing Carcassone and other strategy games with Alvi on the train. I have had something to eat, some wine, a Coretto Grappa, am sipping on another glas of wonderful Grappa and feeling how I touch down after this intense period of time.

I’m looking forward to both an exiting and quiet weekend (the exiting part will likely be the topic of tomorrows blog post), playing some guitar (I really missed the practice the last few days) and then starting fresh into next week.

(Oh - and I managed 11% of my 100 days challenge - incredible)

((I talked to Steph about this challenge and she asked me where I picked it up. I said I didn’t remember, and she said, she had done a 10 days challenge earlier this year. I might have mis-read her challenge, in which case a) I’m already over her number of posts and b) totally insane.))

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