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33 - pebble in da house

It was Kickstarter payback day today (yet another one) and two black Pebbles arrived (I am still waiting for a red, a white and a gray one)

Pebble box


First impressions (after half a day of wearing it):

  • Bigger than expected

  • Not as polished and small as an Apple product, but not bad - not bad at all - for  an independent company

  • The display is better than expected

  • Communication with an iPhone 4 works relatively painless (seeing phone calls, messages and music control work)

  • It can show the time (I haven’t worn a watch for quite some time, always using the iPhone as a clock) and that is actually quite practical

  • The watch faces included range widely in quality, but most are nice

  • Notification of calls might be the killer feature for me. I have my phone on silent 99% of the time and I miss calls due to the phone vibrating in a jacket pocket where I don’t feel it.

I will see how it feels after one week - that is if I get to keep it. Depends on a gift to my godchild (which color does he want) and my son (he wants a black one)

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