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25 - melodyne

Back in 2008 I read “the most amazing piece of software I have seen so far” by vowe where he described software that was able to do Direct Note Access (DNA) on recorded sound, effectively giving you the tools to change the notes (pitch or timing) of complex pieces of music.

Yesterday I stumbled upon it again and downloaded the demo version of Melodyne and used it to correct some of my horrible singing on a recording (as well as correcting a few wrong notes in the guitar part)

This software is just absolutely amazing and allows for manipulation of osund in a totally uncanny way. Here’s a small clip of me playing with the above mentioned recording…

In addition to handling monophonic sound signals, Melodyne also handles polyphonic sound (like a guitar). It isolates the individual notes in a chord and allow individual manipulation. Very very impressive stuff! With a price tag of EUR 400, I won’t be able to fixup my recordings after the 30 days trial is over - time to get better at singing …

Jens-Christian Fischer

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