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24 - gray days

Finally the sun has come back into our world - the last few weeks have been way to gray for my taste. As you, gentle regular reader of this blog know, I am enrolled in the “Introduction to Songwriting” course. This is one of the songs I have written as part of this course (and no, there is no recording yet that I am happy with)

Gray Days</strong>

<strong>Am                Em</strong>
Around me seas of gray
<strong>Am              Dm7</strong>
am I loosing my will to live?
<strong>Am                Em</strong>
am I hunter, am I prey?
<strong>Am                 F</strong>
is there anything that I can give?

Surrounded by gray masses
am I loosing my touch in reality?
Seeing lights and flashes
Does this feel like normality?

<strong>   C                F</strong>
No reflections, no lights,
<strong>   C               Bdim</strong>
no affections, no sights.

<strong>Am         Am</strong>
insecurity creeping up on me
<strong>F               E7</strong>
as if I haven't had enough
<strong>Am        F                G</strong>
all those people are obliv-ious
<strong>Dm                Am</strong>
to what I suffer through.
<strong>Am          G         F             E7</strong>
Gray days - even rain would make me feel better

<strong>Am                            E</strong>
Sun rays blasting through the gray
<strong>Am                 D</strong>
Is this helping my temperament?
<strong>Am                           E</strong>
Children outside starting to play
<strong>Am                F</strong>
There goes my bad sentiments

reflections, lights,
affections, sights

insecurity dropping away from me
I have had enough of it
People around me are joyous
And I feel totally fit
Blues skies, blues skies - happiness and smiles
Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician