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18 - home studio

The sunday house cleaning saw my wife working on the kitchen while I was in the roof, re-purposing old and new electronics to create a more permanent home studio.

1 2008 MacPro (now that it is not powerful enough to compute BitCoins anymore) 1 22" Monitor 1 old Ikea Desk 1 Sonos ZP100 with speakers (instead of monitor speakers) 1 Logitech Mouse 1 M-Audio Fast Track 1 Yeti USB Microphone 1 1996 Fender Telecaster 1 Norman B18 1 Ibanez Combo Amp 1 Bose ME-70 1 ADA MP-1 Tube PreAmp (No, I don’t play nowhere near as good as this guy) 1 Roland A300 Pro Reaper DAW u-he Zebra and Diva (love those analogue sounds)

Still a few pieces missing (need some dynamic mics and mic stands next), but already good enough to make some noise.


Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician