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Meta: This was written a few days ago - instead of a longer post. I just noticed, that I didn’t publish it… As I near the end of my 100 days (only 16 days or so to go) I feel that I have less and less to say - I will therefore just post this instead of todays post and go to bed instead - how does that sound? To me, it sounds great…

So I have actually skipped todays blog post - shame on me - I broke an 80 day streak. (Of course, due to the possibilities of Wordpress, you will never know, because this posts date is the correct one - nonetheless I am writing this on the morning after)

I am working on a longer post that will take a couple of hours to put together (research, thinking and writing) - look forward to my thoughts on “private clouds” soon.

And as an aside and meta thought. The 100 days experiment is both quite constraining and liberating at the same time. Constraining in the sense that it is quite difficult to write something day after day, liberating in the sense that it is totally OK to write just short bits and pieces - something that is just a bit too much for Twitter. However, the really satisfying part is to write longer pieces. They also tend to be read quite a bit more, than the random burblings. The more technical and detailed a post is, the more readers it has. The more readers a post has, the more satisfaction I derive from it. Not being much of a writer that tells stories that people read and like, I must write how-tos and technical stuff. I guess, that’s how careers are formed - partly due to natural capabilities (yes, I think I actually can write technical stuff, so that people understand it) and partly through positive reinforcements. (My article on TinyTiny RSS draws hundreds of readers, some of them even commenting, while the song lyrics I posted have a lot less readers and no comments)

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