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Hugo Templating

I spent most of the time setting up this new blog deciding on which template to use. I settled on Casper-Two but had to make changes literally minutes after I started using it. I created a fork, hugo-chaschper and made the following changes:

  • Cleaned up (HTML formatting)
  • Removing the ‘caspertwo’ options (Casper-Two contains two ways of displaying single page content. I have started to remove the one I don’t use)
  • Added support for IndieWeb and IndieAuth. I followed the post IndieWebify Your Hugo Website
  • Support for Webmentions using code from Amits Blot Template and his description
  • Re-surrect the original CSS file so that I can change it
  • Reading time
  • Better organisation of posts (internally)
  • DRYed up display of article preview cards

Things to do:

  • Add my own pictures to the template
  • Remove all superfluous partials
  • CSS adaptions
  • Atom feed
  • POSSE - I will probably use IFTTT for this
  • ‘Elsewhere’
  • Archives
  • Expose Tags page
  • New Favicon
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