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Travis checks Chaschper

One of these “ohh - that’s a nice idea, I should totally also implement that” ideas. I stumbled upon the Dream Plus Hugo theme, that included a little badge that linked to a Travis CI build status. Using CI (Continous Integration) to check the sanity of the template seemed like a good thing to me, so I looked around on how various people do this. I found one template by Vicky Lai that included HTML checking. ...

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Data in, Not Out

While we didn’t have much success a couple of days ago, today we got the lights to work properly. Turns out, that I’ve made the beginner mistake number 1 when dealing with Neopixels — I connected the data signal from the Fadecandy to the DOUT pin of the LED strip (there’s also a DIN pin, at the other end of the strip). The “D” stands for “Data”, while I will leave you to guess what OUT and IN mean… To make this work, the data needs to go to the DIN port of a pixel strip… ...

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Posting from iOS

Having a git based blog makes it slightly difficult to post while on the go. I have read at least two accounts of people who pulled that off, but neither workflow quite worked for me. Here’s where I’m at: use WorkingCopy to clone this sites jcfischer/invisible_ch repository use a Siri shortcut to convert urls to markdown links use a Siri shortcut to export images from Photos to WorkingCopy by saving it through the Files app in the repository that WorkingCopy hosts Using iA Writer to edit files that are stored in A git repository (add WorkingCopy as a file provider in iA Writer) Things I tried that didn’t work: ...

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My daughter and I have started working on a LED light installation with several hundred LEDs. We are using the wonderful Fadecandy board by Adafruit. A couple of weeks ago, she hooked up their 8x8 Matrix to the Fadecandy and started to explore programming the lights with Processing. But we have bigger plans. I ordered a bunch of LED strips with 50 WS2812 Neopixels spaced out around 10cm and we started to work on hooking them up with power and data connections today. ...

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Setup Matomo

I like Analytics on a website, I don’t want to use Google Analytics. That leaves me with only a few options, one it to run my own analytics software somewhere I control. Previously I used Piwik with good success, so it seems sensible to set that up. Piwik has been renamed to Matomo and I haven’t found a simple complete installer. Server Setup I know that I should use something like Ansible to set it up, but I’m doing it by hand for now. ...

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