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Chaschper Galleries

The new version of the Chaschper template that I’m using to power this blog has gained a new capability: Image galleries.

I started out with a gallery by VickyLai to see how to do that in general. From there I looked at How to Build a Responsive Image Gallery with Flexbox to do some basic layouting and Fluidbox to style the images and load larger versions. I didn’t quite like the way, the galleries were defined in the original example, so I came up with the following scheme:

My site can have multiple galleries, that each live in a directory under the content/galleries folder. All JPG images (for now) are included in the gallery. Finally, there is an index.md file in the same folder that ties everything together. It looks like this

title: "Scuol 2019-01-12"
date: 2019-01-12T15:26:46+01:00
tags: ["scuol", "winter"]
type: "gallery"

A wonderful, sunny day in Scuol. Pictures taken during a walk down to the Inn river. (iPhone Xs)

I use the Page Resources in Hugo to create two smaller versions of each image (400 and 1200px) wide for preview purposed (also because downloading 50MB of image data to show a gallery is - shall we say - suboptimal). It took a bit of fiddling with the hugo templating language before things started to work out. The relevant code in the layouts/gallery/single.html file look like this:

    <div class="photo-grid">
    {{- $resources := .Resources.ByType "image"}}
    {{- range $resources }}
    {{- with . }}
        {{- $image400x := (.Resize "400x") }}
        {{- $image1200x := (.Resize "1200x") }}
        <a href="{{ $image1200x.RelPermalink }}" title="" class="photo-cell">
          <img src="{{ $image400x.RelPermalink }}"  alt="{{ .Name }}" title="" />
    {{- end }}
    {{- end }}

The code picks up the Page Bundles resources of type “image”, iterates over them and creates two new images and then uses them for the gallery. When Hugo builds the site, it will create those files in the correct public/galleries directory and link correctly.

An example of one of these new galleries can be found here: Sucol 2019-01-12

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