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Travis checks Chaschper

One of these “ohh - that’s a nice idea, I should totally also implement that” ideas. I stumbled upon the Dream Plus Hugo theme, that included a little badge that linked to a Travis CI build status.

Using CI (Continous Integration) to check the sanity of the template seemed like a good thing to me, so I looked around on how various people do this. I found one template by Vicky Lai that included HTML checking. After a bit of fiddling around, to get the correct command line incantations going, and some more fixing of malformed HTML, the Hugo Chaschper template now is tested, the exampleSite is updated to include some “real” content and a number of niggling issues in the HTML have been fixed (missig alt image attributes, a malformed <script</script> tag).

Current build status of the theme: Build Status

The HTML proofing is done via the HTML-Proofer Gem. It checks for valid HTML, valid (internal) links and a lot more.

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