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Intro to Indieweb

You might have seen references to IndieWeb on this site, specifically in the description of the Chaschper Theme. What then is the IndieWeb?

One of the huge problems in todays web-world is that more and more content is a) generated by users (which is good) but b) stored away in Silos like Facebook, Twitter or Medium (which is bad). The IndieWeb movement tries to Take Back The Web and have ordinary people own their own presence on the web (like this site) where they post and control their own content.

In addition, there are various simple protocols and techniques that make it possible to link the various posts on different IndieWeb sites together (Webmentions), that allow to use the own domain and website for authentication (IndieAuth), that allow for syndication of your content in silos (POSSE) and more. This blog has implemented a number of these techniques - for example, you will see comments made on Twitter to a certain post on this site (See this page for an example).

Jeremy Keith (whom I met at Reboot 8.0) back in 2006 and who inspired me with his talk about the Hyperlink (I noted “The hyperlink was the best session I attended. Beautifully written and narrated and deeply profound - even though it covered such a “simple” topic”) has given an excellent talk Taking Back the Web that explains the concepts behind IndieWeb. Inspiring again.

Jens-Christian Fischer

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