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Responsive Images

My quest for a slimmer website is ongoing. The newest addition tackles responsive images. This technique allows the browser to select an optimal format for an image, for example a small image on a mobile phone and a larger one, on a desktop.

The technique I use is based off of the works by Laura Kalbag, Adam Wills and Nils Norman Haukås.

I use the same Hugo Image Processing techniques as in other parts of the Hugo Chaschper template, this time in a figure shortcut that overrides the Hugo internal one.

It allows me to write

{{< figure src="/images/2019-01-19-size-before.png" alt="display of something" caption="A caption" >}}

in my markdown files. From this, it generates the following code:

    <a href="https://invisible.ch/images/2019-01-19-size-before.png">
        /images/2019-01-19-size-before_hu..._320x0_resize_box_2.png 320w,
        /images/2019-01-19-size-before_hu..._600x0_resize_box_2.png 600w,
        /images/2019-01-19-size-before_hu..._1200x0_resize_box_2.png 1200w,
        /images/2019-01-19-size-before_hu..._1800x0_resize_box_2.png 2x"
        sizes="(max-width: 320px) 320w,
        (max-width: 600px) 600w,
        (max-width: 1200px) 1200w,
        src="https://invisible.ch/images/2019-01-19-size-before_...3_1200x0_resize_box_2.png" alt="Website size before"/>
    <figcaption><h4>A caption</h4></figcaption>

This give the browser a selection of 4 different images to display (in the srcset attribute) and a selection of widths that allows the browser to select the correct one (via sizes). For browsers that don’t support the srcset/sizes attribute, a medium sized image is selected. Finally, the whole image is wrapped in an a tag, that links to the original image.

The code for the shortcut is not quite where I want it to be yet - it duplicates the actual code for generating the figure tag, based on whether the image is pulled from the local Page bundle or from the static directory. As my Hugo templating foo improves, I will fix that duplication.

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