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Almost exactly 6 years after I talked about Habits it is time to pick up the topic again. It seems that starting a new year brings out the desire to work on self-improvement in me. And that means working on all of the things that “one should do” regularly (like brushing teeth). A couple of years ago, I tried the BJ Fogg Tinyhabits method to intrduce new habits (it seems that the topic of Micro Habits is the new hot shit anyway) and failed spectacularly. ...

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Nik Bärtsch Winter Workshop

Nik Bärtsch is one of the central figures of the Zurich based, swiss minimal rhythmic music scene. His band Ronin plays every Monday night at Exil. Friends and I have been going there regularly for our dose of Ritual Zen Funk. These concerts each have been wonderful experiences. A couple of weeks ago, Nik announced a Winter Workshop, a long weekend in Tessin. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough attendees, so it had to be shortened to just one Saturday. ...

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Fuzzy File Finding (and warm fuzzy feelings)

While my day job is managing a team of 8 engineers (which means a lot of meetings), I do get to work with the CLI from time to time. As you might know, working on the CLI means navigating deep dirctory structures and working with millions of files. It doesn’t matter if you are into operations or into development, working with directories and files are going to be your bread and butter operations. ...

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The Forest of Unending Warmth

The music of Erik Emil Eskildsen (eee) is not something that naturally would be played on the radio. Which is a shame, and also a good thing (Art!). His music takes time to listen to, and it also needs repetition and intensive listening. I stumbled upon eee via Markus Reuter - both of them play Touch Guitars, an invention by Markus. (Markus, of course, I met via Make Weird Music - a fantastic collection of interviews with musicians, away from the main stream) ...

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More Indieweb

I wrote about the Intro to Indieweb yesterday. Reading up on it, starting to read the people behind it or using it, I feel a similar rush as I did back in the days when I started blogging. This is the evolution of the Web I remember, this feels right. (And it also feels like a tiny bubble in the huge silo dominated web-simulacron we have around us today). Time to beat the drum, I guess and start on working on making it more accessible for people that aren’t as technology savy as the early adopters. ...

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