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My daughter and I have started working on a LED light installation with several hundred LEDs. We are using the wonderful Fadecandy board by Adafruit. A couple of weeks ago, she hooked up their 8x8 Matrix to the Fadecandy and started to explore programming the lights with Processing. But we have bigger plans. I ordered a bunch of LED strips with 50 WS2812 Neopixels spaced out around 10cm and we started to work on hooking them up with power and data connections today. ...

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Rescue Old Blog

Two days ago, when I resurrected this blog, I thought I’d just start from scratch, leaving the 930+ old blog posts forever gone. Then I read how Amit moved from Squarespace to Hugo using the ExitWP tool to convert a Wordpress XML export to markdown files. I had an old export file lieing around and after just a few minutes with ExitWP I had 936 Markdown files, spanning 10 years (2003 — 2013) of my old blog content. ...

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Hello World Again

After a hiatus of many, many years in the blogosphere; after a growing dissatisfaction with the way social media (I’m looking at you, Facebook) is building walled gardens; after the perceived need of having a place for a portfolio of my works, I have decided to resurrect my blog with some new technology and start all fresh. I have also decided to leave the old content buried in a broken database and in an exported XML file. ...

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Rescueing a non booting VM under Openstack

So we are running an OpenStack installation based on Folsom, but with Ceph as our underlying storage engine for volumes. This is a bit cutting edge. To make matters more bleeding, we run the Ceph OSDs on BTRFS - definitively bleeding edge, as we had various of our servers die with BTRFS related kernel panics. The advice usually given is to upgrade the BTRFS code - so we have started to migrate our Quantal (12. ...

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