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Intro to Indieweb

You might have seen references to IndieWeb on this site, specifically in the description of the Chaschper Theme. What then is the IndieWeb? One of the huge problems in todays web-world is that more and more content is a) generated by users (which is good) but b) stored away in Silos like Facebook, Twitter or Medium (which is bad). The IndieWeb movement tries to Take Back The Web and have ordinary people own their own presence on the web (like this site) where they post and control their own content. ...

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Data in, Not Out

While we didn’t have much success a couple of days ago, today we got the lights to work properly. Turns out, that I’ve made the beginner mistake number 1 when dealing with Neopixels — I connected the data signal from the Fadecandy to the DOUT pin of the LED strip (there’s also a DIN pin, at the other end of the strip). The “D” stands for “Data”, while I will leave you to guess what OUT and IN mean… To make this work, the data needs to go to the DIN port of a pixel strip… ...

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Posting from iOS

Having a git based blog makes it slightly difficult to post while on the go. I have read at least two accounts of people who pulled that off, but neither workflow quite worked for me. Here’s where I’m at: use WorkingCopy to clone this sites jcfischer/invisible_ch repository use a Siri shortcut to convert urls to markdown links use a Siri shortcut to export images from Photos to WorkingCopy by saving it through the Files app in the repository that WorkingCopy hosts Using iA Writer to edit files that are stored in A git repository (add WorkingCopy as a file provider in iA Writer) Things I tried that didn’t work: ...

Jens-Christian Fischer