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Fuzzy File Finding (and warm fuzzy feelings)

While my day job is managing a team of 8 engineers (which means a lot of meetings), I do get to work with the CLI from time to time. As you might know, working on the CLI means navigating deep dirctory structures and working with millions of files. It doesn’t matter if you are into operations or into development, working with directories and files are going to be your bread and butter operations. ...

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The Forest of Unending Warmth

The music of Erik Emil Eskildsen (eee) is not something that naturally would be played on the radio. Which is a shame, and also a good thing (Art!). His music takes time to listen to, and it also needs repetition and intensive listening. I stumbled upon eee via Markus Reuter - both of them play Touch Guitars, an invention by Markus. (Markus, of course, I met via Make Weird Music - a fantastic collection of interviews with musicians, away from the main stream) ...

Jens-Christian Fischer
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Responsive Images

My quest for a slimmer website is ongoing. The newest addition tackles responsive images. This technique allows the browser to select an optimal format for an image, for example a small image on a mobile phone and a larger one, on a desktop. The technique I use is based off of the works by Laura Kalbag, Adam Wills and Nils Norman Haukås. I use the same Hugo Image Processing techniques as in other parts of the Hugo Chaschper template, this time in a figure shortcut that overrides the Hugo internal one. ...

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The Website Obesity Crisis is a wonderful talk about the sheer size that even simple websites have. Thanks to @stilkov for the pointer: For an upcoming client engagement, I was reminded of this, the best talk on web tech ever given: https://t.co/K526LJHlru — Stefan Tilkov (@stilkov) January 16, 2019 That led me to look at the size of this blog and it was scary: The weight of the front page of this humble blog is a whopping 5 MB. ...

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Travis checks Chaschper

One of these “ohh - that’s a nice idea, I should totally also implement that” ideas. I stumbled upon the Dream Plus Hugo theme, that included a little badge that linked to a Travis CI build status. Using CI (Continous Integration) to check the sanity of the template seemed like a good thing to me, so I looked around on how various people do this. I found one template by Vicky Lai that included HTML checking. ...

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